Home Ownership Guarantee

You can now purchase your dream home at your convenience with a low bond rate and flexible payment options. 

Deciding to divert your funds to buy property in Nigeria is a commendable decision. This is because we know for a fact that:

1.       Housing prices in high return areas are exorbitant and put plainly, extortionist

2.       Before now, there were very limited, expensive routes to homeownership

Through a strategic partnership with a reputable insurance firm, clients and developers, RE/MAX Nigeria brings prospective homeowners a flexible, secure and less expensive opportunity to acquire property throughout the country.

With a minimum of 50% down payment of the entire purchase value, buyers can choose to occupy the property while the balance is paid in flexible instalments. For the repayment period, title documents are held by the insurance firm to protect the interests of all stakeholders. The scheme is different from the numerous conventional mortgage and other home buying schemes available to you. The scheme swaps high interest for a low annual bond rate of 1.25% and repayments can be spread up to 5 years or whatever number of years are agreeable by the seller.

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