Building Design

If you take a moment to look around you, you will see house designs of all sorts. Some are exotic, some others neither here nor there, while some are just plain ridiculous. A house in most instances, represents the style and preferences of its owner. So, what sort of building design would reflect some of your innermost traits?

What sort of home designs appeal to you? The high end luxurious mansions, the architects dream or do you play it safe – Plain Jane? A widespread misconception in building a structurally sound and trendy property is that they are expensive and unaffordable.

Here's something to remember, exotic home designs does not necessarily mean 'expensive designs'. Yes, a building can have be exotic without breaking the bank. With focus on a building design that is both exotic and cost effective, homeowners and developers can create a win-win situation.

Let's explore some features of house designs that you can manipulate to get a lovely, yet cost effective, home. House Designs - Keeping It Simple and Beautiful What are the features of a home that make it aesthetically appealing?

There are essentially two sides to home designs . . . the exterior and the interior design and finish.

Aspects of exterior house designs that create immediate magnetism or attraction include:
• The gate
• The walls
• The premise floor finish
• The verandah or balcony
• The windows
• The doors
• The entrance and
• The roofing

Interior building design that create a sense of exoticism include . . .
• The internal layout
• The painting
• The curtains
• The stairs
• The cabinets
• The fittings
• The ceiling and
• The floors

Think through the features of a home listed above and mentally review the look and feel of the different house designs you have seen in the past. Most likely, you're inside a house or an office as you read this. Take a moment to look around the building where you are right now. What features of buildings listed above apply to the building where you are right now? How does the design of these features in the particular building where you are right now contribute to its beauty? If you were to design your own home based on what you see right now based on the design and finish of the building you're analyzing, what would you do differently and what would you emulate?

Home Designs - Keeping Cost Low

People tend to want to live in a beautifully finished home. Therefore, when building your own house there may be a tendency to want to go overboard in the building design just to get that exotic feel. However, it is important to always remember that every new feature you add to your house designs, increase the cost of executing the building design.

So, while it's great to have exotic home designs, it is also important to keep the cost of the building at the back of your mind. Human nature can be tricky, it is always best to follow the simple economic rule of needs- albeit trendy over wants, to ensure that you are not stuck midway through the project, as much as possible seek advice from professionals, friends and family but bear in mind that you want to keep it original.

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